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Wang Center “Comfort Women” Exhibition Featured in NY Times

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“Comfort Women Wanted” Public Art Project at Charles B. Wang Center

Chang-Jin Lee’s public art project Comfort Women Wanted, now showcased in Stony Brook’s Charles B. Wang Center, was profiled in a laudatory Dec. 19 New York Times article.

The exhibition  brings to light the memory of 200,000 young women, known euphemistically as comfort women, who were systematically exploited as sex slaves in Asia during World War II.

The exhibition has elicited strong responses from viewers and has benefited both history and art students, the Times review said.

Comfort Women Wanted draws on Lee’s revelatory interviews with surviving comfort women from Korea, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, the Netherlands and the Philippines. Featuring seven prints and video by Chang-Jin Lee, Comfort Women Wanted attempts to create a constructive dialogue for the future. It recognizes the place of comfort women in world history and increases public awareness of the general subject of sexual violence against women during wartime.

The Times review was based partly on interviews with artist Lee, as well as Jinyoung Jin, the associate director of cultural programs at the Wang Center.

The exhibition is free and open to the public.

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