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Telematics Concert Comes to the Simons Center April 7

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Sunday, April 7, marks one of three concerts in the Virtual Tour: A Reduced-Carbon Footprint Concert Series, which will be held at the Simons Center Auditorium at 7 pm and simultaneously at the University of California, San Diego, at 4 pm.

This telematics concert is a live performance via the Internet by musicians in different geographic locations. The concert features renowned professional experimental jazz and computer music musicians who are long-time collaborators, performing together telematically in California and New York. The program includes new works by four musicians, including Sarah Weaver, a PhD student in music composition at Stony Brook University, who will premiere “Universal Synchrony Music, Volume 1” in cooperation with the NASA Kepler Mission and NASA ArtSpace.

Artists for the New York site are Jane Ira Bloom, soprano saxophone; Min Xiao-Fen, pipa; Ray Anderson, trombone; Matt Wilson, drumset; Doug Van Nort, laptop and sonifications; and Sarah Weaver, conductor.

Technologists in New York include Kevin Schinstock, live audio, audio recording; Derek Kwan, network audio; Timothy Vallier, network video; Ross Karre and crew, video recording; Jeanette Oi-Suk Yew, lighting; Tim Young, systems administrator; and Jason May, systems administrator.

The concert can be attended in person at either of the performance sites and admission is free at the Simons Center Auditorium. A high-quality audio/video recording will be made of the concert for future release.

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