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Art2Go Program Visits Double Portrait Exhibit at Zuccaire Gallery

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More than a dozen students from the Port Jefferson Elementary School Fifth Grade Art Club visited Stony Brook University on January 31 to experience the Double Portrait exhibit and participate in hands-on art activities.

Students participating in an art activity
Students participating in an art activity

The visit was part of the Art2Go program, an education initiative created by Paul W. Zuccaire Gallery Director and Curator Karen Levitov. The goal of the program is to get schools and the community involved in art by bringing them to art and art to them.

The Double Portrait exhibit, created by artist couple Nancy Friedman-Sanchez and Charley Friedman, features an egg-garden wall, a large flower painting, and other diverse and exciting artworks.

Splitting into two groups, children were able to sit before various artworks and engage in discussion with a facilitator. When discussing the spinning-beach-ball sculpture, a kinetic art object known as the Science Project, students were asked whether it was science or art. This question, as well as many others, allowed for an engaging conversation as students gave a wide range of answers and questions.

After the discussions, the students participated in fun and creative activities resembling the art work in the gallery. Whether it was forming flowers with colorful cotton balls or tracing their bodies, the students were able to interact and be creative. After the visit, the program continued throughout the day as the group travelled back to the school to work on their own art projects.

“The children get a chance to look at art done by professionals and that helps to inspire their own art projects,” said Karen. “This opportunity and partnership is important because it achieves our goal of community outreach and expanding involvement in art.”

Learn more information about the Art2Go program as well as other outreach and education programs of the Zuccaire Gallery here.

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