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Why I Give to My Alma Mater: Richard Reis ’67

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Stony Brook gave me an affordable first rate education in engineering with a healthy dose of humanities and especially science. A science-based engineering curriculum is especially valuable in understanding how and why things work or don’t. During those four years, lab experiments — such as measuring the speed of light — enhanced my respect for and appreciation of the scientific method. I also learned to use computers, which led to a position as a paid undergraduate research assistant. Much of my career and graduate work involved the use of computers.

My senior project was building a cardiac pacemaker circuit, a plus when working for a cardiac pacemaker firm and later as a scientific reviewer for the Food and Drug Administration.

Too often a lack of understanding and respect for science harms politics and leads to poor policy decisions. The Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science addresses this problem. During a campus visit I heard and saw Alan Alda explain and demonstrate the Stony Brook approach. Very impressive.

Many years ago, I began giving to Stony Brook through my employer’s matching grant program for colleges and universities. I continue because giving to Stony Brook is a worthy investment in the future for my grandchildren and really anyone’s grandchild.

Richard Reis why i give—Richard Reis ’67

Inspired by Richard’s story? Click here to make your gift to Stony Brook University.

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