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Why I Give to My Alma Mater: Bob Williams ’83

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I am amazed how far Stony Brook has progressed since my graduation in ’83. As a long-time Long Island resident, we should all come to recognize that Stony Brook is now a critical asset for the Long Island region and economy. I am encouraged to see Stony Brook developing a meaningful endowment fund and alumni program in support of attracting top talent, growing out its infrastructure and raising its academic standing among US universities.

As a CEAS grad, I do ask that gifts be directed there purely out of sentimental reasons, although I did ask that a recent contribution be directed to the iCREATE facility. I had the opportunity to tour iCREATE’s lab on a recent alumni visit to campus back in April — there is an outstanding group of students running the facility. I hope my gift contributes to better project outcomes for the students utilizing iCREATE’s resources.

I feel a sense of responsibility to support and give back to Stony Brook where possible, and hope that future Stony Brook grads receive and recognize the same value of their education as I was fortunate to have.

bob williams smsq—Bob Williams ’83, Founder, IVMatters, Inc.

Inspired by Bob’s story? Click here to make your gift to Stony Brook University.

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