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Connect with the Alumni Association from home with our robust calendar of Virtual Programming. Catch up on past discussions and mark your calendar with upcoming programs!

A History of Pandemics: Modern Lessons from the Influenza of 1918
Is history repeating itself? Join us for a virtual discussion and hear from Professor Nancy Tomes as she shares the modern lessons that we can learn from the Influenza of 1918. Learn how this and the COVID-19 pandemic compare in terms of symptoms, economic impact and national response. Presented in Partnership with the College of Arts and Sciences.

Parents (and) Educating During COVID-19
A discussion with Nicole Galante, Ph.D about the changing needs of parents, teachers, parents-as-teachers, and everyone in between in the changing tide of education. Together, we can help our children and ourselves navigate this moment and whatever comes. We will discuss social and emotional learning and mental health, the academic implications of long-term remote learning, and much more. Presented in Partnership with the School of Professional Development.

COVID 19: Facts, Fiction and Your Mental Health
A three-part discussion reviewing the essential facts and fictions related to COVID19. Learn practical skills that can help you in these unprecedented times, from managing stresses and your mental health to succeeding in your career. 

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