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Mallory Rothstein ’15 | Where Is She Now?

Mallory rothstein featured

Mallory is an Administrative Business Partner for Ads Quality. She has worked as an associate for the CEO of Henry Schein, strategy intern, marketing coordinator, co-hosted events raising breast health awareness.

Company: Google

Degree Type: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Minor in Business Management

What’s your 30-60 second elevator pitch?

Hi, I’m Mallory and I’m currently an Administrative Business Partner for an Ads Team at Google. I’m passionate about empowering youth and mental health awareness so outside of work, I volunteer and partner with the organizations, Miracle Corners of the World and Crisis Text Line. There’s nothing I find more valuable for personal and professional growth than traveling and networking so I try to travel and meet new people as much as possible!

Did you consider any other careers as a student? If yes, which ones? What changed your mind?

Yes, originally I was on the pre-med track thinking I’d become a doctor one day. I failed my first Chemistry test and realized I needed to reassess if I loved science or just wanted to study science because it would allow me to have a financially stable career. I read the book Start Something That Matters by the Founder of TOMS Shoes and took Dr. Manny London’s Social Entrepreneurship LDS 102 class which made me realize I want to one day start my own social venture one day which I’m currently developing a plan for while I am full-time an Administrative Business Partner at Google.

Who or what experience influenced your career growth the most while at SBU?

Dr. Manny London influenced my career growth the most while being at SBU. I met him when I took his Social Entrepreneurship LDS 102 class. After his first class, I asked him about research and he said I could immediately join the new research team he was forming. I ended up being published under him. He also led me to getting involved with an organization called Miracle Corners of the World which I’m still involved with and through that organization I got my first job. Dr. London was always there as a supportive mentor throughout all my four years. I would not be at Google or have achieved as much as I did in college without him.

What do you wish you had known as a student?

I wish I had known that specialization in one field is much more important to employers than being a jack of all trades. It’s best to come out of a college with  one specialized focus that you can say you’re an expert or you’re almost an expert at rather than having some experience in a bunch of different fields. I also  wish I knew that changing industries is more difficult than changing jobs within an industry so I advise getting your first job in an industry you enjoy rather than a good job in an industry you have no long term interest in.

What piece of advice would you offer students looking to get into your area of interest and expertise?

If you’re interested in becoming any kind of assistant, I would advise to learn as much about the business you want to work for and be an expert in how to effectively network internally and externally. In general,  I highly suggest people who eventually want to one day become a CEO or have an upper management position become some kind of assistant because you can learn a lot from the executives you support so when you start your own venture, you will already have learned a lot about how to run a business.

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