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Let’s Chat – Steven Pollack ’83

Pollack feature
Steven Pollack ’83

Steven Pollack was one of the original members of the Stony Brook Men’s Lacrosse program. After a decorated career as an attackman that saw him score over 100 career goals, Pollack has used his Stony Brook education for a highly successful career in the executive search industry. Having learning his trade from one of the industry’s top executive search firms, Steven ventured out in 1990 and founded Pollack Resource Management (PRM). Inspired with a passion for excellence, conscience and integrity, PRM is recognized as a leader in the fashion search industry.

We recently sat down with Steven to reflect on his time at Stony Brook and the 35 years since he was a student.

Q: Why did you choose Stony Brook?
A: Harvard and Yale – the vibe wasn’t right. It was also partially financial. Interestingly enough, I actually have a funny story about my friend’s roommate, Frank Ross. Frank founded the men’s lacrosse program here at Stony Brook. I went to a BBQ with Frank and he knew I was coming here so he asked me to be a part of this lacrosse club that he ended up starting. Burger and a beer or two later and now here I am.

Q: What was your experience like as a student athlete here?
A: My experience was unique compared to today’s student-athlete because when I came here we were literally starting the team. We went from a club in the first year, then hired a top-level lacrosse coach and by the time we graduated we were at the Division III level. So when I came here I didn’t come here thinking I was going to be a lacrosse player or a student athlete. Frank basically recruited me to help develop the program and it worked out very well.

Q: What did you learn by playing lacrosse at Stony Brook?
A: Well a lot. I always thought of sports as a metaphor for life and I still do. I grew up playing sports and it has played a significant role in my life. You learn how to be a team player and be part of a team. You learn what commitment means. You learn to deal with adversity. You learn how to accept certain challenges. All of these lessons and many others can apply to life.

Q: Tell us about your career path
A: After graduation, I was fortunate to get into the Executive Search industry in the area of finance. Thirty years ago, I moved into the fashion industry and basically never looked back so its really been great. Recently I also wrote a book called “Don’t Quote Me”, it’s full of 200 inspirational quotes that have meant a lot to me. It’s my perspective mixed in with a lot of logic and moderation while allowing you to be inspired by others. The quotes are from Rock and Roll lyrics, poetry, pop music, musicians, athletes and politicians – it’s a neat framework for the book.

Q: Can you tell us a little about your family?
I’ve been with my wife for 38 years. We met when she did a visiting semester here at Stony Brook, so we go back a long way. I have a 25-year-old daughter that is in advertising communications in Manhattan and a son that is a music writer out in Los Angeles that graduated from Vanderbilt.

Q: What does Stony Brook mean to you?
A: This is my first visit back to campus in seven years and I can’t believe the progress that has been made. It’s a great source of pride to see how far we have come as an academic powerhouse, a rising athletics program and the donors who continue to support this mission of this institution. There is a great deal of commitment from the staff, the students and community to make this place better. The growth has been exponential since I was in school here and I only see that continuing for this special place.

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