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Dr. Denise Logan-Heuser ’80, 1998 Stony Brook Athletic Hall of Fame Inductee

Denise Logan-HeuserDenise Logan-Heuser vividly recalls the lean years when she was a Stony Brook University swim team student athlete in the ’70s. She remembers all the times she and her teammates would say to each other, “Gee, wouldn’t it be great if we had videotapes of our dives?”

So years later, when Denise received a mailing from the swim team coach to raise funds for a video camera, she promptly purchased one outright for the student athletes following in her wake.

A Stony Brook Hall of Fame winner, Denise was a champion diver on the men’s team  – there wasn’t a women’s team at the time. While deservedly proud of her achievements at Stony Brook, Denise says what she liked most about being a student athlete was less about diving and more about being on a team. “A number of us still stay in touch,” she said.

A chiropractor, Denise and husband David (also a chiropractor) have their own practice in Dayton, Ohio. Before moving to Ohio, Denise said her children (James, Barkley, Charles and Darcy) practically grew up on the Stony Brook University sidelines. And although they now live far from campus, the Logan-Heuser family continues to maintain a steady, albeit long-distance connection to the University.

Denise has been a long-time member of the Athletic Director’s Advisory Council, her son Barkley graduated from the University last December and daughter Darcy signed a National Letter of Intent to join the swim team this coming fall. “Stony Brook has just always been around in my family’s life,” said Darcy of her decision to join Stony Brook, “the other teams just weren’t as close as Stony Brook’s. It just felt right.”

This June, the Heuser’s extended Stony Brook family will come together for another annual tradition; a summer golf tournament created as a lasting tribute to the Heuser’s son Charles who was killed in a skiing accident when he was 7 years old.

With daughter Darcy attending the University, Denise expects to spend even more time on campus in the coming years and is excited by the sports program’s momentum. “Jim Fiore has done an unbelievable job on building on the program,” said Denise, “He has a definite vision and is doing what’s necessary to realize that vision.”

Athletic Director Jim Fiore, always ready to share the credit, gratefully acknowledges Denise’s dedication to the University, citing the many valuable services she’s provided for so many years.

“Denise and her family have had a lifelong love affair with Stony Brook University,” said Jim, “I shudder to think where our athletic program would be without her involvement and support.”

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