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Daniel McLane ’88 | Where Is He Now?

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Daniel McLane ’88 | Where is He Now?

Daniel is the Principal Law Clerk to the County Court Judge. He is currently assigned to Family Court. He has years of experience in law, with prior experience as Deputy County Attorney, as an adjunct business law professor, and an attorney in private practice.

Company: NYS Unified Court System

Degree Type: BA in History and Political Science

What’s your 30-60 second elevator pitch?
Public service is my vocation. I am diligent, competent, and honest. I strive to always improve and better myself.

Did you consider any other careers as a student? If so, which ones? What changed your mind?
I considered many options, but in the end, my grades and test scores indicated that I would be a strong candidate for law school, and my Strong Campbell Interest Inventory test indicated law would be the best fit as a career. I thus decided to go to law school.

Who or what experience influenced your career growth the most while at SBU?
My parents encouraged me to pursue a legal career and wanted me to succeed, but I was pretty much self-motivated.

What do you wish you had known as a student?
I wish I had gotten more practical work experience.

What piece of advice would you offer students looking to get into your area of interest and expertise?
Get as much real-world experience as possible, whether it is through jobs or internships. Be active in your community. Strive for integrity and collegiality.

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