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Carole Weidman

Carole WeidmanCarole came to Stony Brook University at the beginning of the 1970’s and began studying political science. She enjoyed the collegiate environment of Stony Brook, finding a great sense of community that allowed her to be the best she can be. Graduating Magnum Cum Laude, Carole wanted to make an impact on the world around her and pursued a Juris Doctor at the New England School of Law. She graduated with numerous academic achievement awards including the Deans Award and the Colin W. Gillis Medal of Achievement.

With her Juris Doctor in hand and admission into the New York State Bar, she began working for the New York State Department of Law. Carole spent several years as the Assistant Attorney General of both the Charities and Real Estate Bureau, successfully prosecuting the largest charitable tax fraud case at the time. With this experience in hand, Carole set out with her colleagues and started her own firm, Weidman & Seigel-Baum while also co-authoring many publications including a monthly column in the New York Journal of Law.

In the late 90’s, Carole closed the doors to her law firm and accepted a position as a co-trustee of The Dr. Bernard Heller Foundation. The Foundation supports humanitarian charities through grants to organizations and individuals whom make significant contributions to the arts, humanities and religion.

Through out her career, Carole has devoted her energy to making an impact on those around her. She has served on the boards of Alliance for the Arts, UCLA’s Mattel Childrens Hospital, Wharton School of Business, Casa Pacifica, Stony Brook Foundation and the Stony Brook Alumni Association.

In 2005, Carole was asked to helm the then ailing Cabrillo Music Theater as the President and Chief Executive Officer. With her help, Cabrillo is now restored to its former glory as the resident musical theatre company to the Countrywide Performing Arts Center at the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza and serves all of Ventura County.

Today Carole, with her husband Bennett and their two children Meredith and Grant, live in California.

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