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University Issues Update on Scheduling for Fall 2020 Term

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An update on the Fall 2020 Term has been issued by Charles L. Robbins, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and Student Success/Dean of the Undergraduate Colleges, and Diane Bello, University Registrar. The message reads as follows:

Coning Back Safe and StrongAs part of the planning process to arrange for a safe return to campus for students, faculty, and staff, the University must make updates to the Fall schedule of classes. The Registrar’s Office will begin the updates on Monday, June 22nd. It is anticipated that this will be completed no later than July 10th.

As part of this process the Fall 2020 term will not appear in SOLAR as an option for you to view or update. This will include enrollment, class search, and any section of the self-service pages that are impacted by term selection.

The schedule updates that are being completed have been done so with the following guidelines in mind:

  • Courses will exist in online, hybrid, or in-person formats.
  • Large courses will be taught online, some with face to face components.
  • Course times will be adjusted to allow for additional pass time between classes to promote social distancing.
  • In-person courses will be scheduled in rooms that are large enough to accommodate appropriate social distancing. This may result in schedule changes that include new day and time vectors.

Students will be able to access and adjust their schedules as normal on SOLAR after this process has been completed. We will communicate additional information regarding mode of instruction formats and final exam scheduling to assist you in understanding the impact of the changes that have been made.

We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding during this important transition.

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  • As a parent of a rising Sophomore, I am VERY upset that housing and on campus studies will be open for the fall semester. Bringing students to NY from all over this country/world is a VERY DANGEROUS idea!! All courses should be available on line completely for the students who do not feel comfortable . PLEASE take this into consideration?

  • The Covid cases are growing and how is the school going to protect my kid? It doesn’t make sense to pay room and board for only 20% of in person class.

    • I am shocked that i am paying for housing and my daughter has only ONE in-person class. 80% of her classes are online. This is outrageous!

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