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SBU Launches Mass Communication Program

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Beginning this year, Stony Brook University’s School of Communication and Journalism will begin to offer a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication.

Students enrolled in the program will gain a robust understanding of how media work, how messages shared across a variety of media are shaped and used to inform the public, and how to create ethical, accurate messages themselves.

“Mass communication affects nearly everything that people know, or think they know, in our society,” said School of Communication and Journalism Dean Laura Lindenfeld. “Students in this new program will learn how messaging shapes information, and discover, through research, theory and ethics, what aspects of communication work and why. With this degree, graduates will be informed media consumers and empowered to create effective communication.”

The program emphasizes media theory, analysis and research. Combining these skills, students will be prepared to understand and deeply examine media trends and challenges, across the industry and more specifically through studies of particular platforms or societal issues.

Students in the mass communication program will be able to practice creating their own multimedia messages using the School of Communication and Journalism’s state of the art two-story Newsroom, its TV studio, and professional-grade audiovisual equipment. 

Housed in Stony Brook’s ACEJMC-accredited School of Communication and Journalism, the program will draw on the expertise of journalism faculty, who include Pulitzer Prize winners, and a growing cohort of communication faculty, with expertise in science and health communication, gender studies, advertising, and computer-mediated communication.

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