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The Geminids meteor shower is coming to a dark place near you

Because light pollution — house lights, streetlights, car headlights, holiday lights — will all impede a viewer’s ability to see those meteors and meteorites streaking across the night skies, said Stony Brook University...

Do You Know What Your Non-HDL Cholesterol Is?

When you hear people talking about cholesterol, you likely hear them refer to two types: LDL (the “bad” type of cholesterol) and HDL (the “good” type). Knowing these numbers may give you some insight into your heart...

Drivetime: World AIDS Day & HIV prevention

Dr. Sharon Nachman, Chief of the Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases at Stony Brook Children’s Hospital, joined Drive Time with Michael Wallace to talk about HIV prevention.

How To Prevent Holiday Heart Syndrome (Yes, It’s A Thing)

You know sleep is important, but it can be harder to come by than usual during the holidays. Increased stress, a disrupted routine due to travel or social events, overstimulation, and financial worries can all keep you...

PhDs Without Borders In New Engineering Consortium

A new multi-college agreement will see New York Institute of Technology and Stony Brook University engineering students attending classes at top Northeast schools including Princeton, Columbia and New York University.

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