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Karen Chen-Wiegart

Chen wiegart karen wideAssistant Professor, Materials Science and Chemical Engineering
College Engineering and Applied Sciences

What I loved most about working for Karen was her desire to connect with her students on a personal level. She fully invests herself in our betterment both as people and scientists. Upon any member’s graduation, Karen graciously hosts a dinner party at her home for the entire group where we have the opportunity to connect with each other beyond science and on a personal level, inspiring a great sense of camaraderie and collaboration among the group as a whole.

Academically, while her accolades speak for themselves, I grew tremendously as a researcher and scientific communicator as a result of her involving me in every aspect of the project. From scientific discussion with collaborators, to experimental planning, to data collection at BNL, Karen’s willingness to fully involve her students hands-on in the research is all I could have asked for when getting my feet wet as an undergraduate student.

– Bryan Conry

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