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Arianna Maffei

Maffei arianna copyProfessor, Department of Neurobiology and Behavior
College of Arts and Sciences and Renaissance School of Medicine

I have known Arianna for more than 12 years, and during that time I have had the opportunity to benefit from her mentorship as both a student and trainee. Arianna is an excellent role model on how to balance work and family. She has always been open and candid in discussing career challenges, and has been incredibly supportive.

Her experience and advice has been especially invaluable to me over the past couple of years, as I balanced working on the publication of my first postdoctoral research study with the birth of my daughter. I also greatly admire Arianna’s flexibility as both mentor and teacher. She can skillfully adapt her mentoring style to provide mentees with support, training, and personalized guidance, helping each to achieve their individual goals.

– Melissa Haley, PhD, Postdoctoral Associate, Maffei Lab

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