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Anissa Abi-Dargham

Abi dargham anissaLourie Endowed Chair in Psychiatry
Professor of Psychiatry and Radiology, Director of Multi-Modal Translational Imaging Lab, Vice Chair for Research in Department of Psychiatry, and Associate Dean for Clinical and Translational Science
Renaissance School of Medicine

I joined Anissa’s lab as a postdoctoral mentee in 2014 and work with her now as an early career investigator and faculty member. At every step, Anissa has been steadfast in her commitment to helping me forge my own professional path and to align resources and collaborators to promote my research and career development. Since the early days when she welcomed me as a fellow into the field of molecular neuroimaging, she has strived to help me identify and hone critical skill sets. She modeled how to conduct clinical research studies with utmost respect for patients and unwavering scientific integrity. She also taught me the importance of being able to explain one’s work humbly and clearly to anyone, at any level, at any time.

By being a relatively rare example of a strong, articulate, female leader in science, she serves as a precious role model and source of inspiration for me and, I’m sure, for countless others. My research career development will always be indebted to Anissa’s mentorship.

– Jodi Weinstein, assistant professor of psychiatry

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