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Kathryn Koshansky

Koshansky kathryn withChair, Associate Professor, Athletic Training Program
School of Health Technology and Management

Kathy Koshansky will always be one of the most influential women in my life. I had the honor of being her student athletic trainer for the 2007 men’s lacrosse season. I felt I hit the lottery when I received this assignment. Kathy and I spent every day together and weekends traveling with the team. She offered me a space to feel vulnerable after my mom passed away, she would roll her eyes as I curled my eyelashes prior to suiting up in my khakis and polo, and she taught me everything she knew. She held me accountable as if I was a certified professional.

I’ll never forget the day a men’s lacrosse athlete nodded his head that he wanted me to tape his ankles on game day, a tradition Kathy held for years. The largest smile of pride spread across her face, a moment that depicts one of the many reasons Kathy is an incredible professor, mentor, and caregiver. She breeds great professionals, with a little tough love, and immeasurable dedication. Kathy Koshansky is truly one of a kind and holds a special place in my heart.

– Monica Lorenzo

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