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Nancy Hiemstra

Hiemstra nancyAssociate Professor, Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies
College of Arts and Sciences

Have you ever met someone who’s so passionate about what they teach, that you develop a love, interest and passion as well? Professor Hiemstra is that that person! After taking her WST 103 and WST 301 classes in one semester, I ran to the WGSS department and declared Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies as a minor! Professor Hiemstra is not only an amazing instructor, she is an awesome mentor. For my research on Reproductive Injustice based on Socioeconomic Status, I was struggling with how I would collect my data in a unique way. I wanted to take a focus group approach, so I reached out to Professor Hiemstra. She gave me very valuable tips and suggestions as I was developing my thesis paper.

On a personal note, I took off a semester when I had my daughter, and was nervous about going back to school. I was so full of emotions, I reached out to Professor Hiemstra and told her about my daughter. She was extremely understanding and supportive. I appreciate Professor Hiemstra for all her hard work and dedication!

– Diamond Young

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